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We offer full grooming or kennel bath and brush. Our kennel bath features the hydrosurge system, a therapeutic massage bath, to make your petís bathing experiencing very relaxing and enjoyable! Please call for grooming prices, as they vary depending on dog size and coat.

You are charged for the day you drop off regardless of the time of day. Check out time is 1pm and you will not be charged for that day of pickup, EXCEPT FOR SUNDAY, there is always a charge for Sunday.

Saturday afternoon pick up or drop off by appointment only. Should your dog require a special diet or you prefer that your dogís diet does not change, we will be sure that he receives the food you bring, according to your instructions, at no extra cost to you. Medications will also be given according to instruction, at no extra charge.


Daily Boarding Rates

New Prices to start March 1st


Deluxe VIP Suites

A quiet indoor area separate from our

Standard Suites. Three exercise sessions

 per day are included.




Standard Indoor/ Outdoor Run:



Deluxe Extra Large Indoor/ Outdoor Run: $32.00


PERSONAL PLAYTIME: Sessions available for dogs and cats $5.00/day for first pet and $4.00 for each additional pet.





















Special Discounts

For clients with more than one dog, we offer multiple pet

discounts. $5.00 off the second dog.


Boarding Immunization Requirements

All dogs are required to have the following vaccinations:

† Distemper/parvo, rabies, and

† bordatella (also known as kennel cough)

All Cats are required to have the following vaccinations:

† Distemper/parvo, rabies, and feline leukemia

There will be no exceptions to the above requirements.

Vet records must be provided. You may fax them to us

At (865) 435-7794.